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Things that happened today - printers

Photo of a pile of broken printers. Image from

In which I mostly complain about printers.

Is it just me, or is all printer software terrible? I've only owned a few printers, but I've used dozens more, and I can't remember ever encountering one bit of printer software that was easy to use. It feels like one of those things that no one can be bothered to do right, like DVD drives that should open when you press the eject button and not ten seconds later.

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Things that happened today - lift

Some lifts. Or possible elevators. Image credit:

Today I had a new experience - I got stuck in a lift. I was genuinely trapped in a confined space for some time - long enough to be uncomfortable, but not long enough to need a peeing strategy.

It was quite interesting. And a little bit horrible.

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Things that happened today - rain

Rain in London, photo credit:

There was a storm last night. Wait, let me clarify that. There was a STORM last night. It was big. And after lightning that lit up rooms and thunder that shook walls the rain began. It hammered on rooftops and flooded streets. I fell asleep to it and woke up to it - a grey, sodden London.

For a very brief moment I considered getting the train to work. But I was glad I didn't.

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