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Four unfinished save games I can't delete

I had to buy a new laptop recently, after my old one melted (thanks Dell). After I'd transferred my files to the new one I started looking for what else I wanted to keep, particularly any games I had installed and what progress I'd made in them.

If I finish a game I usually don't care about keeping the save file, because if I ever play it again I'll start from the beginning. But there were a few games that I'd not finished, but also not played for a while. Despite not having any time to play them in the immediate future I still found a strange urge to keep their save game files.

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How videogames changed the videogames

X-Wing screengrab shamelessly stolen from the internet

I recently watched Charlie Brooker's How Videogames Changed the World and moderately enjoyed it. Brooker essentially did a chronological countdown of not the best games ever, but those that have had the biggest wider cultural appeal and therefore the biggest impact on the world, rather than just the world of gaming. While I didn't necessarily agree with his choices, I was relieved that it wasn't just another programme about someone's debatable favourites. But it got me thinking - what games have most changed the world of games?

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