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Abandoned prototypes - Untitled internal project

A drawing of a man standing in a living room

Sometimes you start building something but it never gets finished. That can be a good thing, because not every idea is a good idea, but sometimes it happens for other reasons. It might be worth doing, but maybe there isn't enough time or money to finish it, or other things take precedence.

This is the story of a project that I started but never finished. I don't know if it would have been good or not, but I'm a little sad that I never got the chance to find out.

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Lightweight custom sharing buttons

Last month I wrote a post about Shareaholic's sharing buttons and the extra page weight that comes with them. Rather than simply moan about the situation I decided to build my own sharing buttons tool. It's incredibly simple and offers no particular features, but it's very lightweight, simple to implement and a good starting point.

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The cost of sharing your website on social media

I built a webpage recently. It was mostly just SVGs and text, so I checked the total page size with developer tools and was pleased to discover it came in under half a megabyte. Efficiency and small page size! The Holy Grail of all frontend developers (it should be, anyway).

Then I remembered I had to add some social media sharing buttons. For historical reasons with the client, I chose Shareaholic's sharing buttons. Then I checked the page size again.

  • Initial size of page: 445 KB
  • Size of page after adding Shareaholic share buttons: 1504 KB

What. The. What.

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A plugin to make a slider button

I had to build a page the other day that contained a sort of sliding selector element containing two text links side by side, that controlled the show/hide status of two panels below it. At the time I was a bit rushed so I built it in a way that worked and suited the design, but I've since had time to come back and expand on that idea with a proper jQuery plugin version.

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