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How Windows 10 updates work

Windows 10

[Microsoft headquarters, some time ago. A group of monkeys are sat around a conference table.]

Chief monkey:
Okay, let's decide how updates will work in Windows 10.
Monkey 1:
Let's make them automatic and compulsory! All the time!
Chief monkey:
Great idea!
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Remixes I've enjoyed

That Cameron fella

I've been meaning to post this for a while. After the Brexit vote, David Cameron hummed a little tune as he walked away from a speech, which a creative person turned into an amusing bit of dance music. I ended up playing it on loop for several hours before it finally drove me to distraction, but it reminded me of some other, similar pieces of work I have also enjoyed.

Warning: ear worm alert.

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Not letting almost complete ignorance of the subject matter get in the way of a bit of Harry Potter fan fiction

Harry frowned, and scratched at his beard. He was a wizard, after all, so it stood to reason that he had a beard. Wizards had beards. Long white flowing ones, usually. It showed their age, maturity, and general wizardly-ness. Otherwise they wouldn't really be wizards, they'd just be some kind of teenage wannabe wizards, gazing at the world through a witless and pre-pubescent haze, stumbling through misadventures and accidentally overcoming villains and plots. And that wouldn't be interesting at all.

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