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Tangent Snowball - a look back

I've come to the end of my time at Tangent Snowball. A lot of the sites I worked on during my time there have since been rebuilt or replaced, but it was an educational four and a half years. So, just for my own reflection, I've collected together a list of things I worked on during my time there.

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A guide for backend developers writing front end

Developers, developers, developer

It's not easy being a backend developer. Not only do you have to code massive websites, you also end up being responsible for maintaining things like build scripts and database migrations, and being called on every five minutes to fix the dev system of the front end developer working on your project, who probably caused their problem in the first place. On top of that, you often have to wait for that same front end developer to get on and give you some front end before you can properly check that your website is working correctly.

As a front end developer, I genuinely sympathise, so here's my thoughts on the best way to work on front end when the front end isn't ready yet.

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HTML emails the easy/wrong way

In a press conference that stunned the world, custarddoughnuts today announced that the time of building HTML emails "was over" thanks to their new HTML email generating software. Speaking from his underground bunker beneath New Mexico, CEO Lewis Crankled said "Why spend time trying to get your email to look pixel perfect on every email client when you can just generate it in HTML, without even needing images?"

Oh, I do make myself laugh sometimes.

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How to build responsive emails

I was recently forced into the world of responsive email building. Having previously done responsive/mobile friendly websites and regular HTML emails, I figured it would be a fairly straightforward blend of the two.

Oh... no no.

The following is a combination of what I've got from other people, what I've learned, what I've figured out for myself. I'm trying to give specific details as many of the guides I came across were a bit high level. Hold on while we get techy.

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M'new website

It's been a loooong time coming, but I've finally managed to overhaul custard doughnuts. I thought it was about time I had a website that reflected my current level of web development ability. Having said that, consider this the pre-launch - the front end in particular is entirely preliminary and more thrown together than properly designed.

So what's new?

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