How to make a modern Star Wars film

A shot from Solo: a Star Wars story, shamelessly nicked off of the interwebs.

I just saw Solo: A Star Wars story and enjoyed it. Like Rogue One, it managed to take a relatively obscure part of the background to the original movies and make a pretty interesting story out of it. However, having now watched both of these films, I think I've figured out Disney's formula for making them.

Potentially spoiler-y stuff follows.

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Overdue Reviews: Aliens vs Predator 2

An alien

Overdue Reviews is an occasional series in which I appease my younger self's brief desire to be a videogame journalist by ranting or raving about part of or all of a game I've played in the past. This week: Aliens vs Predator 2 on PC.

There's a rule in horror movies. The less you show of the monster, the more scary it is. As soon as the audience sees what they're supposed to be afraid of, they stop being afraid. The fear of the unknown is far worse than a man in a rubber suit.

Aliens vs Predator 2 uses this technique to great effect in the first level of the marine campaign. It was almost terrifying.

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Still game? Raptor

The original Raptor CD and case

Or to give it its full name, 'Raptor - Call of the Shadows'. But we won't call it that, because even the cover illustration on the box didn't.

But anyway, Raptor! A vertical scrolling shmup from 1994. Let's see if it's still any good.

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How to enjoy Spintires: MudRunner

A big truck in some mud.

Spintires: MudRunner does an excellent job of simulating mud and water but feels very much like a tech demo looking for a game. There's fun to be had in its vast muddy expanses, but it requires a little bit of creativity to find it.

It helps to remember that MudRunner is a simulation and not an arcade game. Forget for a moment that the main aim of it is to deliver logs. That's fine for a time, and you'll need to come back to it in order to unlock more levels and vehicles, but the real point of this game is driving off road.

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