Anything on Google Maps can be reviewed

Some Angry birds soft toys crammed into a drawer. Photo credit: Kazuya (Kaz) Yokoyama on Visualhunt

Sometimes I don't need to think of an interesting idea for a blog post and spend time grappling with language and spelling and clearly conveying my point. Sometimes I can just find stuff and put it up.

Like today. I'm not sure I knew this before now, but everything on Google Maps can be reviewed. Here are some I've come across recently. I present them unedited for your consideration.

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Am I too old for this? Batman: Arkham Knight part 3

The villain of the game, Scarecrow

I've been playing Batman Arkham Knight in an effort to discover if I'm getting too old for games (read part one here and part two here). Join me for part three, where I ask some simple questions.

Like, did Batman just get shot in the stomach? Oops, er... spoilers.

Seriously, it really looked like Batman just got shot in the stomach, but apart from injecting himself with something (Bat-anti-bullet-wound spray anyone?) there's been no further mention of it. He's been in a lot of fights since then too, so it'll be annoying if they return to it later.

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Overdue Reviews: Dawn of War 2

A space marine from the game

Overdue Reviews is an occasional series in which I appease my younger self's brief desire to be a videogame journalist by ranting or raving about part of or all of a game I've played in the past. This week: Dawn of War 2 on PC.

Dawn of War 2 is a very serious game. It's full of serious sounding men, with serious names like Cyrus and Thaddeus. I was given the option at the start of naming my character, so to lighten the mood a little I named him Billy.

It did not make the game any less serious.

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Things that happened today - printers

Photo of a pile of broken printers. Image from

In which I mostly complain about printers.

Is it just me, or is all printer software terrible? I've only owned a few printers, but I've used dozens more, and I can't remember ever encountering one bit of printer software that was easy to use. It feels like one of those things that no one can be bothered to do right, like DVD drives that should open when you press the eject button and not ten seconds later.

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