Terms and conditions

And now for the dull stuff. These terms and conditions apply to the site (custarddoughnuts.co.uk) and any sub sites.


All material on the site is copyright the site owner unless otherwise stated. Linking to any page on the site is permitted (like I could stop you) and is in fact welcomed. Material on the site may not be reproduced or reused without consent of the site owner unless explicitly stated or clearly intended as material that could be reused. Examples of this are tutorials or demonstrations of code. If you use something from the site, please include a mention or a link or a comment in your page source or something. I'd appreciate it.

All material is provided on an 'as is' basis and the site owner is not responsible for anything that happens as a result of you accessing the site or using any material from it.

Website cookie policy (not that we actually use any)

This website stores cookies on your computer for entirely sensible, helpful and not at all dodgy reasons. These cookies in no way limit your privacy or harm your personal human rights. They don't swear, shout, or make loud noise after 10pm. They are thoughtful and considerate. Their friends would describe them as introverted and bookish. They are not planning to overthrow the government.

Our cookies always remember mothering Sunday and take great care not to tread on snails or other defenceless creatures. They have collaborated to produce a short written volume of thought provoking poems on the subject of loss, which is freely available as a downloadable PDF, chosen in favour over the less environmentally sustainable printed option. They are health conscious and eat well.

Our cookies are not the malicious kind that store data about you and then pass it on to third parties without your knowledge or consent. The very idea of that offends them. And they are certainly the kind that bow to any European directives about transparency, no matter how pointless or ineffective they might be. In fact, our cookies think government should definitely have a direct hand in regulating the internet, since they know so much more about it than the rest of us, and can totally be trusted to be entirely impartial and not be swayed by corporate interests or anything. Our cookies await with anticipation the next round of thrilling legislation. Perhaps a government built browser will be mandated, they whisper among themselves in excitement.

Hey somebody actually read this far

Seriously? I'm impressed. You had the staying power to read through all that. Very well. The treasure is buried at 4723 Maple Valley Road. You take highway 201 south for 15 minutes. You take a left, a left...