Overdue Reviews: Spintires: MudRunner

Screenshot from MudRunner showing two trucks driving offroad.

Overdue Reviews is an occasional series in which I pretend to be a videogame journalist. This week: Spintires: MudRunner on PC.

Multiplayer in MudRunner is a bit of a missed opportunity. It's hampered by confusing menus and the occasional bug, and once you're in there's no direction on what to do, unless slowly delivering logs with your friends appeals.

But I'm going to ignore all of that so that I can explain the joy of playing multiplayer MudRunner with my Dad. We don't get to play very often - small snatches of gameplay at random times - but when we do, it's a wonderful thing.

Our games often resemble an episode of Top Gear. We each choose our vehicles and set off together. We bump and nudge each other's trucks. We take turns to be the slow one, or the careless one, or the brash one. We try to overtake each other at inappropriate moments. We get lost, we get stuck. We clumsily attempt to rescue the other one when they inevitably end up on their roof in the undergrowth, and take embarrassing screenshots. We laugh at ourselves.

We don't score any points, or complete any levels, or do anything particularly constructive. It's just me and my Dad, going for a drive and mucking about in mud. I can't think of any other way I'd rather spend half an hour of gaming. I highly recommend it.

My Dad's truck on its roof.
Impossibly my Dad managed to overturn this massive truck in a completely flat and open area.
My truck embarrassingly on it's roof.
My Dad, having fallen off a very high suspension bridge.
Both of us struggling to drive our trucks through a fast flowing river.
Both of us stuck on a cliff having both fallen off the top at the same time.
Having chosen the most off road suitable vehicle possible, Dad managed to roll it driving out of the garage.
One time my Dad kept choosing really unsuitable vehicles for a map, starting with a tractor. So I tried to crush his jeep.
My truck and my Dad's tiny jeep on its side in a ditch.
My Dad's truck lying on its side in some reeds, having fallen off a small bridge.
My turn to screw up - getting my landrover lodged at a 45 degree angle off a bridge, wheels not touching anything.
My Humvee struggling through thick mud with Dad's truck inexplicably on it's roof immediately behind me.
My lorry and my Dad's jeep both hood deep in a fast flowing river. Both vehicles were lost soon after.
My Dad's truck on its side in a stream, having managed to fall off a perfectly level tarmac road.


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