Writing about mud: Spintires MudRunner

A lorry driving through a river, in the game

I've never thought about it much before, but I suppose I have a bucket list, of sorts.

  1. Visit New Zealand
  2. Be able to say that I can't talk about my job, or I'll have to kill you
  3. Write something and get it published

In a surprise development, I'm now able to tick off item three. I've written an article for popular PC gaming site, Rock Paper Shotgun.

It's titled 'The joy of mud in Spintires: MudRunner' and is unsurprisingly about a PC game called Spintires: MudRunner, and the mud simulated by it. If you haven't played it, this may not immediately make sense.

A jeep driving up a track, from the game

My Dad got me the game for Christmas and I'd been playing for around seven hours when I had a sudden urge to pen some thoughts about it. Usually I'll leave an article in an unfinished state for a few months before posting it here on custarddoughnuts, but on an uncharacteristic whim I got it into shape and submitted it to the nice people at RPS for their consideration.

Amazingly, they liked it, and after a few minor edits they accepted it, and it went live. I say minor edits - the original article was around 900 words and they requested it be cut to 500. But it's better for the change, and considerably more focussed. Huge thanks to Brendan at RPS for his suggestions and encouragements.

I also got to make the screenshots, which was a fun challenge. Two trucks were lost at sea and several more were wrecked during the process.

Of course, now I have to think of some more goals to add to that list. Winning an Olympic gold seems unlikely at my age. Maybe I can still get a part in a Star Wars movie...

A truck stuck in mud, from the game

Got a mention on Steam

Just noticed my article made it onto the news feed for MudRunner on Steam! Very exciting. Of course, I don't know if that content is automatically generated or hand curated. I wasn't entirely positive about the game, after all. Please don't hate me, Saber. I do like it, really.

The Steam news for MudRunner, featuring my article


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