More movies drastically changed by the addition of one letter

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By popular demand, here find included a list of more movies that are drastically altered if you add one letter to their title.

Ryan Gosling stars as a mysterious Hollywood stuntman and mathematician who finds himself in trouble when he helps out his neighbour with their maths homework.
Avengers: Infinity Wear
Prequel to the popular Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Infinity Wear fills in the important backstory of how each of the Avengers chose their outfits for defending the Earth from the all-powerful Thanos.
John Bwick
Keanu Reeves plays John Brick in this moving story about a man with a speech impediment struggling to be taken seriously in the world of sports commentary.
Rant Man
Michael Douglas stars as a retired teacher who characteristically launches into angry tirades at the drop of a hat.
Rant Man and the Wasp
Disappointing sequel. Rant Man goes to the park for a picnic and is bothered by a persistent wasp. Also in 3D.
Doctor Strangle
A brilliant surgeon (Benedict Cumberbatch) loses the use of his hands in a car accident and undertakes a spiritual journey that leads him across the world in search of healing. Sadly his journey is unsuccessful so he returns to the US to exact revenge on the manufacturers of his car's brakes by choking them.
The Muppets Stake Manhattan
Light-hearted comedy horror. Kermit and the gang team up to fight vampires in modern day New York.
Ready Player Tone
Following the events of Air Force Tone, in which our young protagonist climbed the ranks of the Air Force, Tony's career takes an unexpected turn as he finds himself competing in professional e-sports tournaments.
Mission Impossible: Brogue Nation
Tom Cruise stars as a top shoe salesman tasked with introducing a new brand of sneakers to a country famed for its dour attitude to footwear.
The Dearth of Stalin
Documentary following the effects that a lack of Joseph Stalin had after his death in 1953.
Batman Be Grins
Mockumentary about an amateur film maker attempting to make a name for himself on the standup comedy scene by dressing as Batman for performances.
Deep Blue Seat
LL Cool J and Samuel J Jackson star in this gripping underwater thriller about an attempt to make the perfect chairs in a secret IKEA facility off the coast of Finland.
The Muppets Taken Manhattan
Long awaited genre crossover. When Miss Piggy is kidnapped from her New York apartment by a vicious crime gang, 100 year old retired everything Liam Neeson helps Kermit and the gang exact vengence.
Fantastic Flour
Reboot of the superhero franchise about a baker with inhuman powers.
The Green Smile
Tom Hanks plays a man who adores spinach and refuses to clean his teeth.


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