An open letter to Amazon about the closure of Lovefilm

A torn Lovefilm envelope. Image shamelessly stolen from

Dear Amazon,

Please don't close Lovefilm down.

Yes, it many ways it was archaic, inefficient and probably not very profitable. Yes, it was literally written as LOVEFiLM and navigating the homepage without the mouse triggering those popups and making the screen jump to the wrong place was a frustrating affair, but please don't close it down.

I don't have another way of watching movies.

The cinema isn't a viable option. Like many adults in the world, I have several very good reasons why going to the cinema on any kind of regular basis is practically difficult. I also take issue with cinemas on a number of other points. Rising ticket prices, ridiculous refreshment costs, and paying to sit in a room with a group of strangers who may talk, obstruct my view or otherwise detract from my enjoyment of the film is never going to compete with sitting in my own home to enjoy a film. Also if I'm at home I have a pause button.

Paying for a streaming service isn't viable either. I don't have enough spare time or a reliable enough broadband connection to justify the cost. Even if I did, my limited appetite for films would still mean I wouldn't use it enough to make the cost worthwhile.

You might suggest I simply buy films I want to watch, but I don't want to empty my wallet and fill up my living space with films that I only ever want to watch once - or worse, films that I want to see but turn out to be terrible. I also lack the kind of friend who accumulates the latest releases and is happy to lend them out, the secondary option in this category.

Lovefilm managed to hit a perfect middle ground between all of these options. My particular subscription was for two discs a month, for a very reasonable price. I have exactly enough space in my life to watch that many films, and the fact that they came through the door on a physical disc in a sealed envelope provided just a little bit of pre-opening intrigue and realness of experience that a digital service never could.

I get that Lovefilm doesn't work for you anymore. But it worked for me, and for probably hundreds of other people like me. Please don't take it away.

Yours sincerely,

A LOVEFiLM customer


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