Tangent Snowball - a look back

I've come to the end of my time at Tangent Snowball. A lot of the sites I worked on during my time there have since been rebuilt or replaced, but it was an educational four and a half years. So, just for my own reflection, I've collected together a list of things I worked on during my time there.

Agatha Christie
My first big piece of work, which was required to be compatible with IE6, astonishingly. The site's been rebuilt more than twice since then, but it taught me a lot about django and Google maps.
I didn't do the original build for this, but worked quite extensively on it. Amazingly even after four years it's still running with the frontend I worked on. I'm pretty sure I built the current header, footer, menu and product comparison functionality, along with various other less obvious bits like the backend dashboard (Landmarkonthenet).
I don't think this one is live anymore - I remember it as some kind of AirBnB for people who owned chalets near ski resorts. Only minor tweaks and bug fixing on this one.
Another site I didn't build but did a few bits on, that also no longer exists. Enabled people to rent out their car to strangers.
The Labour Party
They were a pretty big client and I worked on a whole range of projects, including the Labour Shop, Labour Membersnet, and Labour campaign creator. There were also dozens of little extra pieces of work here and there, including a prototype grid diagram thing I was required to build with arrows connecting up the squares. That was actually quite a fun one, although it didn't go anywhere in the end. I also built the whole of Labour Join Donate Renew, which I think has also since been remodelled somewhat.
Another bit of work early in my time at Tangent was for Carlsberg Denmark, a completely new site build aimed at product resellers. I continued to maintain the site for several years although it seems to be offline now. Other Carlsberg work included page builds and maintenance on their 'We deliver more' UK site, and support and maintenance for a Carlsberg Switzerland site similar in aims to the Denmark site.
Another site I didn't build but worked a fair amount on, that also seems to have been rebuilt since I last worked on it (Hive.co.uk). I also built a checkout on the site that was used by My Independent Bookshop, although I'm not sure that's still in use or not.
I built a small site aimed at book resellers that I think was only briefly used. It featured a coffee stain motif, as I recall.
Django Oscar
This was an ecommerce system originally built at Tangent that I contributed a little towards. Not sure how much it's still maintained but it formed the basis of a lot of our sites and was pretty popular in the wider world (Oscar on github).
National Accident Helpline
This site went through many facelifts during my time and I was responsible for one of them, and helped out with others. I don't want to say much about this site, although I will point out that looking at it with Privacy Badger is interesting.
Lots of bits and pieces for lots of different sites. I also built a prototype for a system that they didn't go for in the end, which was all swooshy interactive elements opening and closing.
I don't know anything about HTML emails. I certainly don't know anything about responsive emails, and I certainly didn't build dozens of them for clients like Marstons, Greene King, Pitcher and Piano, Aspect, Wolseley, Citroen, Volvo, Peugeot, Dunhill and Nails inc. If you need HTML emails built, don't ask me, because I don't know anything.
This was an interesting one - a complete front end only build of their site, and later their mobile site, that we sent to them to integrate with their existing backend. I worked with another developer on this, but I think I wrote most of the documentation.
I worked on loads of sites for Wolseley including their My Plumb Center site, which I converted to make it responsive. There were also quite a lot of HTML emails. That I still don't know anything about (Myplumbcenter.co.uk).
I remember building a few emails and some landing pages for something called Which? Rightchoice, which had all manner of rounded corners in the design but had to work with IE6, not particularly fun.
A site to connect people with financial and mortgage advisors, that sadly has been since rebuilt. I say sad, because the site had a great design and a lot of effort went into making it work properly - there was a very complicated search facility that was further complicated by the client requirement that searches be shareable, so there was some quite complex JS to interpret what should be displayed based on the URL. I helped out on the first site but then used the existing frontend as a base to build their second, B2B site.
I did the frontend for both the original site and its current, reskinned look (although I still prefer the original). Probably the site I would point to as some of my best work (at the time). It's been pretty successful as well, by all accounts.
Just random page builds and small additions on this one. Bizarrely this one was built and finished more than two years ago now, but has yet to go live (evoshave.co.uk).
Meridian Audio
High end audio equipment for cars, with a luxury site to go with it. Again, not one I was primary developer on, but I did a fair few tweaks and additions after the initial build.
This was a single page site that I built for a stop drinking app. Good design, nice CSS animations. I don't know how well the app did in the end, but the site is still up.
Papa Johns
Just a few bug fixes and tweaks to their B2B ecommerce site.
I did most of the frontend for the stateside branch of Nailsinc, that has since been folded into their main site, which I also did most of the frontend for.
Another big client with a big website. More info here.
Tangent Snowball website
This is another example of a site that I can quite happily point to as an example of some of my best work. It's still live, too.
Original TS site parallax page
This was one of those scrolling/animating pages that were popular a few years ago, sadly now removed after the TS site rebuild.

It's interesting to me how much there was.

What else? I invented Tangent Snowball's house styles, got promoted to senior front end developer, and (obviously most importantly) got bike racks installed in the old office. Not to mention countless other little bits and pieces of work. It was a great experience and really helped to shape the developer I am today, for which I am very grateful.

So long, TS.

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