Yet another plugin - 3d carousel

Yes, I've written another plugin. I actually wrote it ages ago (before Plugin Month), but hadn't got around to posting about it because, well, frankly, it wasn't very good. It's now been improved, to the point where I would describe it as 'passable'.

Here then, is another jQuery powered pseudo-3D image carousel plugin. Because there aren't enough of those already.

Click 'next' or 'previous' to rotate (these controls are optional within the plugin) or click directly on any item to animate round to that one. Clicking 'view' or the central carousel item will open whatever link that slide points to.

The plugin scales sensibly for a reasonable amount of slides and has a couple of useful options, including one for a screen size to disable it below (useful if you want it to 'turn off' for mobile).

I originally wrote this for the Sky website build I did a few months ago, because I couldn't find a carousel that looked and behaved in this exact way. The rotation is handled by JavaScript and the 3D effect with CSS transforms. Originally it didn't animate quite as smoothly as it does now but I've since improved it. You can't actually see the 3D effect very well at this scale, it works better on a wider page.

I post it here merely as a curiousity, because if I was interested in developing it further (which I'm currently not) there's probably some work to be done. Code and documentation is on my github as usual if anyone wants to make use of it.


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