A game for Christmas - Santa Route Finder

A screenshot from the game SNOWMAN showing points on a map connected by lines.

It's been pretty quiet here at Custard Towers for a while now, for entirely reasonable reasons. Nonetheless, I'd like to apologise to both my readers and hope that this small offering of a seasonal game makes up for it.

Without further ado, here's the link.

It uses Google maps to do what is, admittedly, a fairly simple thing - plot points, draw lines, measure the distances. Most of the work was actually getting the game around that to work properly - menus, popups, game over, etc. To be honest, it's not quite as good yet as I'd like - development was a bit rushed towards the end to get it on the site in time for Christmas. I don't even really have time to write this post now. Oh well. More detail maybe later, in the mean time, enjoy.


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