30 day writing challenge: New Zealand

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

I've done another 30 day writing challenge. Mostly.

At the end of last year we spent almost a month in New Zealand, travelling and exploring. It was fantastic, and like Iceland before, I took notes as I went around on what we did and what happened. After we got back I decided to write up these notes but realised again that only setting myself a daily writing challenge for a whole month would ensure I actually did it. February seemed a suitable month to try it, so I did. Here's some numbers.

I said 'mostly' earlier because as the mathematicians among you might have noticed, the graph above has less than 30 days in it. The holiday lasted 24 days in total, so a good daily target was to write up a day per day. How was I supposed to know I'd actually stay on target and finish before the end of the month? That's not like me at all.

Interestingly I found the first half of this challenge really hard - much harder than writing up Iceland. I'm still not sure why. After that things improved, including my highest daily word count of 2399 words.

In total I wrote just over 20,000 words about 24 days in NZ, unsurprisingly higher than Iceland's 16,000 words about nine days. My average daily was 867, again higher than Iceland's 545. Generally though, it felt like the quality of the writing this time around wasn't as good as I'd managed before. It was an amazing time in NZ so I'm not sure why that'd be, but certainly writing up some days was easier than others. At the moment a lot of it feels more like a journal than a worthy narrative.

Overall though, I've enjoyed this challenge. As ever, I might put some of it on here when I get around to making sure it's worth reading.


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