Movies drastically changed by the addition of one letter

Superman looking moody from the film 'Man of Steel'. Source:

I recently saw a list of movies that would have their plot dramatically altered by the addition of a single letter to their title. It was amusing. But there were only a few of them, so I thought of a few more (with thanks to Rich, Pete and Vicki).

Man off Steel - a documentary following a metalworker forced to retire from his profession due to a crippling allergy to his workplace.

Sink City - a drama about the troubles of a bathroom salesman working in a rough urban area.

S'Up - an ageing balloon salesman must come to terms with the growing youth culture in his neighbourhood.

Nice Age - a feel good comedy about a man on the eve of his 40th birthday, worrying about growing old.

Maid Max - an out of work Australian racing driver is forced to take a part time job working in a hotel while living in New York.

Air Force Tone - drama following a young cadet called Tony as he tries to scale the ranks of the US Air force.

Diet Hard - Bruce Willis is forced to take drastic steps in his struggle with obesity.

Hedge of Tomorrow - a gardening documentary about exciting developments in the world of topiary.

The Spy Who Loved Men - ground breaking drama about a gay man working for the secret service.

Krill Bill - light hearted documentary following the exploits of a legendary shrimp fisherman.

Ran some - Mel Gibson stars as a unfit man attempting to take up jogging.

Bad Buoys - comedy based around the entrance to a busy harbour.

Snakes on a Planet - a journey into the phobia of a man terrified by the thought that there are snakes somewhere else in the world.

Lord of the Ringos - mockumentary about a group of Beatles fans attending a lookalike competition.

Field off Dreams - drama about a man who refuses to take any risks in order to fulfil his ambitions.

The Last Action Herod - Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the king of Israel in this extraordinary take on the Nativity story.

The Ad Team - comedy about the day to day exploits of a small advertising firm.

Pacific Trim - documentary about a car bodywork shop on the west coast of America.

BRED - Bruce Willis narrates this touching story of a dyslexic baker.

World War OZ - Brad Pitt fights zombies along the yellow brick road.

Pulp Friction - the story of two rival paper recycling plants.

E.T.A. - an investigative look at the impact of satellite navigation on everyday travel.

Irony Man - Robert Downey Jr. stars as an American trying to understand British humour.

Happy Fleet - comedy about life in the navy.

Apollo's 13 - crime caper about a group of former astronauts attempting to steal from a casino owner.

Tory Story - biopic of John Major's rise to power.

The Magnificent Severn - an in depth exploration of Britain's longest river.

X-men: Days of Future Pasta - that's probably enough.


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