Overdue Reviews: Little Big Adventure

Screenshot from Little Big Adventure, showing a boat and some characters

Overdue Reviews is an occasional series in which I appease my younger self's brief desire to be a videogame journalist by ranting or raving about part of or all of a game I've played in the past. This week: Little Big Adventure on PC.

Oh, Steam users. You don't know how privileged you are. Content and bug fixes delivered directly to your computer, often without you even noticing. The smooth machinery of the digital future, working tirelessly in the background for your benefit.

It wasn't always like that. When I purchased my copy of Little Big Adventure on CD-ROM in the mid-nineties, it had a bug. There was no automatic downloading of patches back then. Instead, there was a mysterious note in the box.

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How to change Gmail's new look

The new Gmail interface.

Gmail's got a new look. Rather than allowing us to keep the old look as an optional theme, it's been forced upon us. I can't complain though, since I get email entirely for free.

Instead, I thought I'd explain some of the reasons I don't like the new look, and do something about it.

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Gaming as a parent

A games controller. Source: https://visualhunt.com/re/5eb0ca

I've read a few articles recently written by gamers who've become parents, recommending games that could still be enjoyed even when your time is increasingly demanded upon.

They were all very interesting, but tended to focus on providing a list of specific game recommendations. I'm going to try this from the opposite direction, by first defining what would make a game suitable for a parent, and why.

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Driving the supercars

A row of parked expensive sports cars.

Sometime last year I wondered aloud whether spending several hundred thousand pounds on a supercar was actually worth it. It was a genuine question - apart from watching Top Gear, my only frame of reference is I once hired an Audi A5 to drive to a wedding.

So, probably worth giving it a try to see?

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