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Learning to fly the AH-64 Apache helicopter, for dummies

Saturday 26th of July 2014

Day 1

Unable to specifically identify my variant of AH-64 although the book appears to be talking about the AH-64D. Probably. Text varies between wonderfully straightforward and needlessly complex. Cockpit is fully integrated? With what? The rest of the helicopter? What does that mean? No helpful explanation. Had trouble getting in. Fetched small stool from garage to assist. Spent rest of day familiarising self with instrumentation, and trying to find space in cockpit to secure book whilst flying. Will need tape.

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Bring on the Maths+

Monday 14th of July 2014

I've just completed a piece of work to refresh the 'Bring on the Maths' aspect of Kangaroo Maths. It was a fun and challenging build that's proved very successful. Also it has a kangaroo in it.

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Jury service

Friday 4th of July 2014

Hong Kong Airport, New Year's Day, 2014. Relevant metaphor follows.

I was recently called to jury service. It was paradoxically both incredibly interesting and incredibly boring.

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More failed computer game concepts

Thursday 26th of June 2014

Concept 1

Take control of your own business, with a unique restaurant management game that's fun for all! Starting with a single takeaway shop in smalltown America, expand your business first into a full restaurant, to a national chain, then all the way up to an international cultural symbol! Compete online in a virtual eatery simulation of the real world! Choose to manage your business, or go right into the details, and make the food yourself!

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