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Things that happened today

Friday 17th of April 2015

That there London

This edition of Things that happened today is unconventionally not about things that happened today, but rather things that have happened recently that I've collated together. I present several slightly odd stories from London, the city where slightly odd things happen.

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Am I too old for this? An hour in Skyrim

Tuesday 7th of April 2015

Friends and colleagues have recently been pointing out how old I'm getting. I think. I can't hear them very well most of the time. Regardless, one of the things I've noticed recently is that the amount of time I devote to gaming has dropped considerably in recent years, particularly the kind of good solid adventure game that I could get properly immersed in. Have I grown too old for games? Has my concentration wavered, my mind turned to more important things?

With this in mind I thought I'd give this gaming thing one last shot, in the form of Skyrim.

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Working with external agencies

Saturday 14th of March 2015

Web design in my office is normally done in-house. If I have a question I can just ask the designer about it in person. Recently I worked on a project where the design was done by an external agency at the request of the client. The sudden gap between myself and the designer resulted in a number of issues, some of which were overcome and some of which were not.

Here's some post-project unpacking of working with an external third party on a project.

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