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Google maps movie and tv quiz

Tuesday 15th of April 2014

Copyright Google

Who likes the new Google maps? I'm not sure. It seems a bit slower than the old one. It's probably doing more stuff, but from a user perspective I can't see anything particularly worth the trade-off. And what happened to 'search nearby'? Way to take out the most useful feature, Google.

But enough of that. Who wants to play spot the thing from a movie on street view?

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An open letter to the people that make CD album cases

Tuesday 8th of April 2014

Dear designer of CD album cases,

While I can understand that the classic plastic jewel case for a CD presents some creative limitations I need to inform you that the alternatives you have produced, notwithstanding the innovate ideas that spawned their design, should be discontinued immediately. We all understand that your client is an offbeat, self-styled indie group who feel that wrapping their CD in anything short of a masterpiece of origami in beautifully decorated cardboard would be a betrayal of their whole ethos, but they're wrong, you're wrong, and you need to go back to the classic case.

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