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More failed computer game concepts

Thursday 26th of June 2014

Concept 1

Take control of your own business, with a unique restaurant management game that's fun for all! Starting with a single takeaway shop in smalltown America, expand your business first into a full restaurant, to a national chain, then all the way up to an international cultural symbol! Compete online in a virtual eatery simulation of the real world! Choose to manage your business, or go right into the details, and make the food yourself!

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How to organise your LESS

Saturday 14th of June 2014

Having been initially enthused by the idea of LESS CSS, then horrified and totally against it, I now find myself using it for every site I build and enjoying it more and more. Even doing small amounts of work in plain CSS, such as a print stylesheet, feels awkward and clumsy in comparison.

Despite my acceptance, I still have cautionary advice to dispense regarding its use. Here then are some thoughts on how to organise your LESS files.

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How videogames changed the videogames

Tuesday 3rd of June 2014

Screengrab shamelessly stolen from the internet

I recently watched Charlie Brooker's How Videogames Changed the World and moderately enjoyed it. Brooker essentially did a chronological countdown of not the best games ever, but those that have had the biggest wider cultural appeal and therefore the biggest impact on the world, rather than just the world of gaming. While I didn't necessarily agree with his choices, I was relieved that it wasn't just another programme about someone's debatable favourites. But it got me thinking - what games have most changed the world of games?

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Heavy Metal Band or Comic Book Villain?

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

The Riddler copyright DC Comics

After the publication of my last online 'quiz', I was literally inundated by a request to do another. So here it is. All of the following are either the names of a genuine heavy metal band or a villain from a comic book (what I have exhaustively researched using wikipedia). But which is which?

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